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TSTransco Services

The erstwhile Electricity Board which came into existence in 1959 was responsible for the following three main categories of Services in the field of Electricity

(i) Generation

(ii) Transmission and

(iii) Distribution

Under Electricity Sector Reforms agenda, Government of Andhra Pradesh promulgated Electricity Reforms Act,1998.

The erstwhile SEB was unbundled into six entities as a part of reforms process sharing the services in the above three main categories:

(i) Generating Company (GENCO)

(ii) Transmission Company(TRANSCO)

and four Power Distribution Companies viz.


(ii) SPDCL

(iii) NPDCL


In the above process, TRANSCO came into existence on 1.02.1999 for Transmission of Power across the State of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

However TRANSCO remained as Single buyer in the state, purchasing power from various Generators and selling it to above four DISCOMs in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the individual PPAs at Bulk Supply Tariff (BST) rates from Feb 1999 to June 2005.  

Subsequently,in accordance with the Third Transfer Scheme notified by GOAP, the undivided TRANSCO ceased to do power trading and has retained powers of controlling system operations of Power Transmission in the voltage levels from 132 KV and above where-as four DISCOMs have become independent in distributing power to various consumers in the voltage levels from 33KV and below.

As per AP Reorganization Act 2014, the then TRANSCO was divided into TSTRANSCO and APTRANSCO. Accordingly TSTRANSCO was established as a Company w.e.f 2-6-2014 for the State of Telangana providing services in the Transmission category.

TSTRANSCO has been rendering the following Services under the Companies Act 2013:

A. Main objects to be pursued by the Company on its incorporation:

1.Acquire, establish,construct and operate extra high voltage, high voltage,medium voltage, and low oltage, lines and associate subStations.

To acquire, establish, construct, take over, erect, lay, operate,run, manage, hire, lease, buy, sell, maintain, enlarge, alter, work and use, renovate, modernize, electrical transmission lines and/or net work through extra high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage lines and associated substations,including distribution centers, cables, wires, accumulators plants, motors, meters, apparatus, computers,and materials connected with transmission, distribution,ancillary services, supply of electrical energy,telecommunication and telemetering equipment. To undertake, for and on behalf of others the erection,operation, maintenance, management of extra high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage lines and associated sub-stations, equipment, apparatus, cables and wires.

2.Purchase and sale of electrical energy and co-ordinate with other companies.

To carry on the business of purchasing, selling, importing, exporting, wheeling, system operation,trading of power, including finalization of tariff, billing and collection thereof. To execute Power Purchase Agreements with generating companies, Central and State generating stations, regional Electricity Boards, neighbouring States, Utilities, Companies and persons. To execute agreements for sale of power to distribution companies and other persons and to coordinate, aid and advise on the activities of other companies and concerns,including subsidiaries, associates and affiliates engaged in generation, transmission, distribution, supply and wheeling of electrical energy. To schedule and dispatch generation of all units connected to the State power system including the Centrally owned generating stations, in respect of the share assigned to the State and electricity purchased from other States’undertakings.

3. Plan, investigate and prepare project reports and load forecast and finalization of contract for purchase of power from new generating plants.

To study, investigate, collect information and data, review operations, plan, research, design and prepare project reports,diagnose operational difficulties and weaknesses, and advise on the remedial measures to improve and modernize existing EHV, HV, MV, LV lines and sub-stations. To forecast load and plan generations in consultation with distribution companies, if any, and Central Generating stations. To tender and finalise contracts for purchase of power from new generation plants, including IPPs.

B. Objects incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the main objects.:

1. As a helper and servicing agency for the subsidiaries.

To arrange, secure and make available to its subsidiaries and others concerned for the organizations, such facilities,resources, inputs and services as may be required.

2.To obtain charters,concession etc.

To enter into any arrangement with the Government of India or Government of Telangana or any local or State Government or with Authorities, national, local, municipal or otherwise or with any person for the purpose of directly or indirectly carrying out the objects or furthering the interest of the Company or its members and to obtain from any such Government, State Authority or person any charters, subsidies,loans, indemnities, grants, contracts, decrees, rights,sanctions, privileges, licenses or concessions whatsoever,(whether statutory or otherwise) which the Company may think desirable to obtain and carry out, exercise and comply with the same.

3.Borrowing power

.Subject to the provisions of Section 73 & 74 the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules framed thereunder to borrow money or to receive money or deposits for the purpose of financing the business of the Company either with security or mortgage or other security charged on the undertaking or all or any of the assets of the Company including uncalled capital and to increase, reduce or pay off any such securities.

4.To acquire and lease property

To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise or to construct and maintain factories, works, buildings and conveniences of all kinds, land, buildings, apartments, plant,machinery and hereditament of any tenure or description,situated in India or in any other part of the world and any estate or interest therein and any rights over or connected with land so situated and turn the same to account in any manner as may seem expedient, necessary or convenient to the Company for the purposes of its business.

5.To acquire business/companies

To acquire, possess and undertake the whole or any part of the business, assets, property, goodwill, rights and liabilities of any person, firm, society, association, corporation or company carrying on any business which the Company is authorised to carry on

6.To obtain authority to carry out its objects

(a) To obtain, apply for arrange for the issue or enactment of order or Act of the Legislature or Act of Authority in India or any other part of the world for enabling the Company to obtain powers,authority, protection, financial and other help,necessary or expedient to carry out or extend any of the objects of the Company or for any other purpose which may seem expedient and to oppose any proceedings or application or any other endeavours, steps, or measures which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to prejudice the Company’s interests;

(b) To establish, maintain, generate, operate, run, manage,conduct, limited right to use electrical generation for achievement or carrying out all or any of the objects

7.To acquire know-how etc.

To apply for, purchase or otherwise acquire any trade marks,patents, brevets or inventions, licences, concession and the like, conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to use of any secret or other information as to any invention which may seem capable of being used for any of the purposes of the Company or the acquisition of which may seem calculated, directly or indirectly, to benefit the Company and to use, exercise, develop or grant licences in respect of or otherwise turn to account the property, right or information so acquired.

8.To undertake research, development and training

.(a) To establish, provide, maintain and conduct or otherwise subsidise research laboratories and experimental workshops for scientific, technical or research experiments and to undertake and carry on directly or in collaboration with other agencies, scientific and technical research experiments and tests of all kinds and to process, improve and invent new products and their techniques of manufacture as to promote, encourage, reward in every manner, studies and research, scientific and technical investigations and inventions of any kind that may be considered likely to assist, encourage and promote recent advances in technology, economics, import substitution or any business which the Company is authorised to carry on.

(b) To establish, maintain and operate technical training institutions and hostels for engineers of all types and all other technical staff and artisans and mechanics of all types and kinds and accountants and others in India or in any part of the world; to make such other arrangements as may be expedient for the training of all categories of officers, workers, clerks,storekeepers and other personnel likely to be useful to or assist in any business which the Company is authorised to carry on.

9.To improve property etc.

To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, loan or lease or let, under lease, sub-let, mortgage, dispose of, deal with in any manner, turn to account or otherwise deal with any rights or property of the Company.

10. To invest money

To accumulate funds and to invest or otherwise employ monies belonging to or with the Company and not immediately required, in the purchase or acquisition of any shares,securities or other investments whatsoever, whether movable or immovable, upon such terms as may be thought proper and from time to time, to vary all or any such investments in such manner as the Company may think fit.

11.To undertake joint ventures

To amalgamate or enter into partnership or enter into any consortium or arrangement for sharing of funding or profits in a cooperative or joint venture with any person or company or body or authority including Government, Central, State or local carrying on or engaged in any operation capable of being conducted so conveniently in co-operation with the business of the Company or directly or indirectly to benefit the Company or to the activities for which the Company has been established.

12.To provide for welfare of employees

To provide for the amelioration and welfare of persons employed or formerly employed by the Company and or its predecessor and the wives, families, dependents of such persons, by building or contributing to the building of houses,dwellings or by grants of money, pensions, allowances,bonuses, or other payments or by creating and from time to time subscribing or contributing to provident fund and other associations, institutions, funds or trusts, or by helping persons employed by the Company to effect or maintain insurance on their lives by contributing to the payment of premium or otherwise and by providing or subscribing for contributing towards places of instruction and recreation, hospitals and dispensaries, medical and other attendance and other assistance as the Company shall think fit.

13.To sell property

To sell or dispose of an undertaking of the Company or any part thereof for such consideration as the Company may think fit and in particular for shares, debentures or securities of any other association, corporation or company, to promote or aid in the promotion of any other company or partnership for the purpose of acquiring all or any of the properties, rights or liabilities of the Company or for any other purpose which may seem directly or indirectly calculated to benefit the Company.

14.To enter into contracts

.(a) To enter into agreements and contracts with individuals, companies or other organizations for purchase of equipments and for technical, financial or any other assistance, for carrying out all or any of the objects of the Company.

(b) To enter into any arrangement with any Government or Authority, Central, State, Municipal, Local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Company’s objects and to obtain from any such Government or Authority any rights, privileges and concessions and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.

(c) To enter into contracts of indemnity and guarantee.

(d) To apply for, tender, purchase or otherwise acquire any contracts and concessions for or relating to the main objects of other company.

15.To establish agencies etc.

To establish and maintain agencies, branches and local registers, to procure registration or recognition of the Company and to carry on business in any part of the world and to take such steps as may be necessary to give the Company such rights and privileges in any part of the world as are possessed by the local companies or partnership or as may be thought desirable.

16.To subscribe for shares

To subscribe for, underwrite, purchase, or otherwise acquire and to hold, dispose of and deal with the shares, stocks, securities and evidences of indebtedness, or the right to participate in profits or other similar documents issued by any Government, Authority, Corporation or body or by any company or body of persons and any option or right in respect thereof.

17.To create depreciation funds

To create any depreciation fund, reserve fund, sinking fund,insurance fund or any other fund, whether for depreciation or for repairing, improving, extending or maintaining any of the properties of the Company or redeemable preference shares or for any other purposes whatsoever conducive to the interests to the Company

18.To open accounts in banks

To open an account or accounts with any firm or company or with any bank or bankers and to pay into and withdraw money from such account or accounts.

19.To acquire part of companies

To acquire and hold all or any of the share or loan capital or other securities of any other company or body having similar objects as the Company, and sell or dispose or transfer any such shares, loan interest, securities.

20.To carry on consultancy services

To promote, organize or carry on the business of Consultancy services in any filed of activity in which it is engaged.

21.To promote other companies

To promote or concur in the promotion of any company the promotion of which shall be considered desirable in furtherance of the objects of the Company.

22.To carry on convenient business

Generally to do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objects or any of them and to carry on any business which may be conveniently carried on in connection with any of the Company’s objects or are calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company’s property or rights.

23.To act as an entrepreneur on behalf of Central or State Government

To act as an entrepreneur on behalf of the Central or any State Government, to identify new areas of economic investment and to undertake or help in under taking of such investments.

24.To advance money

To advance money on property or on mortgage of immovable property or against Bank guarantee and to make advances of money against future supply of goods and services on such terms as the Directors may consider necessary and to invest money of the Company in such manner as the Directors may think fit and to sell, transfer or deal with the same.

25.To collect information

To arrange, receive and collect all relevant information in regard to any business carried on by the Company.

26.To carry on the business by land etc.

To carry on the business of carriers by land, sea and air as may be required from time to time.

27.To deal with goods etc. dealt with by subsidiaries

To carry on the business of trading in and dealing in any manner whatsoever in all commodities, goods and things, manufactured, produced or dealt with in any manner by any of the subsidiaries of the Company.