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TSTransco - Tranmission Network

The main business area of TSTransco consists of Transmission Lines & Substations (TL&SS) established in all district-locations across the Telangana state. The TSTRANSCO has transmission capacity currently to be able to transmit power up to  400 KV voltage level.

The Transmission Capacity of TSTransco is about 52126.5 MVA (as on 31-03-2018) having a total substations of about 308. The total circuit length of Transmission lines spread across the state is 21568 ckt-km (as on 31-03-2018). There are a total number of about 11 Nos 400KV Substations (with circuit length of 3852 ckt-km 400KV lines) ; 74 Nos 220KV Substations (with circuit length of 6975 ckt-km 220KV  lines) and 223 Nos 132KV Sustations (with circuit length 10741 ckt-km 132KV lines) existing across the Telangana state.

The overall management of Transmission systems at top level is done by the Director /Transmission supported by the office of Chief Engineer Transmission located at Vidyut Soudha in Head quarters and by the HODs at zonal level.

The major office part of execution of works with respect to Transmission Lines & Substations will be carried out by Chief Engineer (Transmission) and at the field execution level the work is managed & maintained by the respective zonal heads. viz. Chief Engineer (Metro zone), Chief Engineer (Rural zone) and Chief Engineer (Warangal zone).

Each Zone having been divided into its respective OMC/O&M circles with respect to execution of works, will be controlling all the activities of its respective circles with respect to zonal level administration, placing of O&M orders for material, maintenance etc at its level of purchase powers. 

The  Superintending Engineer, designated as SE/OMC will be the controlling officer for all activities pertaining to that circle especially in Operation, Maintenance and Construction of Transmission lines and Substations in its jurisdiction.

All the TL & SS activities will be dealt by the following personnel at the various levels as detailed below (click on each link to expand):

Click here for District-wise No of Substations / District-wise Substations' Capacities / List of ALL Substations with DOC